Jain Pilgrimage Tour Of Parshvanath Temple Of Nakoda In India
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Jain Pilgrimage Tour Of Parshvanath Temple Of Nakoda In India
Jain Pilgrimage Tour Of Parshvanath Temple Of Nakoda In India
Jain Pilgrimage Tour Of Parshvanath Temple Of Nakoda In India

Parshvanath Temple of Nakoda is one among the main Jain teerth centres in India. Nakoda pilgrimage, built in the desert land of Rajasthan, bears a gloriously pious dignity.  Because of the importance given to adhisthayak in India, teerth is always full of pilgrims. It is situated on a beautiful hill as high as 1500ft on the road from Jodhpur to Barmer. There is an image of the Jain saint (tirthankara) Parshvanath in black stone and the ancient idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan is very attractive and full of magical powers.  It is said that 2300 years ago two brothers namely Veersen & Nakorsen has built up this city and the temples.

It is universally accepted that so much is dedicated by the devotees at this place of pilgrimage that the receipts not only help management of small pilgrimages, but also many schools, colleges, hospitals and 'dharmshalas' (charitable lodges) are being constructed and managed. The glory of Lord parshwanath and the protecting deity of the pilgrimage Shree Bhairavji Maharaj is so much world-renowed that they are considered by the devotees as 'Haath-Ka-Huzoor' (Lord at hand) and 'Jaagti Jot' (Living light). This place has a thousand miraculous anecdotes. Wishes made in the name of this place attain fulfillment.

Legend and History of Parshvanath Temple in Nakoda

It is assumed to have been called as Veerampur in old days. Two brothers, namely Veersen and Nakorsen, had established two cities at a difference of 20 miles and named them as Veerampur and Nakornagar respectively. Veersen established the temple of Shri Chandraprabh Bhagwan while Nakorsen of Shri Suparshwanath Bhagwan in their cities. The establishment (Pratishtha) of the temples was performed by Arya Shri Sthulibhadra Swamiji at both places. King Samprati pratibodhak Acharya Shri Suhasti Surishwarji, Acharya Shri Siddhsen Divakar - the Ratna in kings court of King Vikramaditya, writer of Bhaktamar Strotra Acharya Shri Mantung Surishwarji, Shri Kalakacharya, Shri Haribhadra Suriji, Shri Dev Suriji and many other scholar Acharyas has initiated the then kings with their efforts from spiritual speeches to perform the renovation works at these temples. Nakornagar existed up to 13th century. Later on people migrated to other nearby place at the time of attacks by Alam Shah. He destroyed the temple but the priests of the temple took measures to safeguard the idols of the temple and shifted them to Kalidrah village situated at a distance of 4 miles from the temple. During 909, 2700 Jain followers settled in the Veerampur city. One among them, Shri Harakhchandji renovated the old temple and established Shri Mahaveer Bhagwan idol as the Moolnayak. Descriptions of renovation work done in 1223 also exist. Alam Shah also attacked Veerampur and damaged heavily the temple in 1280. It was the beginning era of 15th century that the renovation works to rehabilitate the damaged temple started. The idols of Nakornagar, kept at Kalidrah village were brought here and the idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan was chosen & established in the temple as the Moolnayak of it in 1429. As the Moolnayak idol belonged to Nakornagar, this teerth was called as the Nakoda teerth.

As per another myth, the Moolnayak idol was recovered from a pond situated next to Sinadari village near Nakornagar, which later on brought & established as the Moolnayak idol in this temple in 1429 by Bhattarak Acharya Shri Uday Surishwarji. And from this day onwards this teerth place became famous as Nakoda teerth. The miraculous deity of this place, Shree Bhairavji Maharaj was ceremoniously installed here in samvat 1511 by Acharya Kirtiratna Suri. This pilgrimage continuously prospered after the installation of Nakoda Bhairav. The miracles of this place found abode in the minds of the people. The devotees poured in from various places of the country and abroad. From time to time the pilgrimage has been restored and salvaged too.

Till the seventeenth century, Jains were in majority in this pilgrimage, but later on, the residents of this place went to other villages and towns nearby and settled there.

The Nakoda Temple

The main temple consists of the teerth Adhiraj idol along with the idols of Shri Adinath Bhagwan & Shri Shantinath Bhagwan in other temples in its campus. Shri Nakoda Parshwanath Bhagwan in Padmasan mudra, 58 cm in height, is an amazing blueish colour statue. The life history of Shri Shantnath Bhagwan is displayed in form of idols and placed on the walls of Shri Shantinath Bhagwan temple.

There are several small and big temples near the main temple. On the right side of the temple a magnificent idol of 'Sanwalia' (dusky) Parshwanath is installed. In this very chamber the idols of Mother Saraswati, Dada Jindutt Suri, Acharya Kirtiratna Suri et al are also installed. There is the magnificent temple of Lord Aadinath at the rear of the main temple. The outer arch of this temple is very artistic.

On the right, outside the main temple, stands the magnificent temple of Lord Shantinath. Here the full-size images of Lord Parshwanath and Lord Shantinath are etched on marble. Outside the main temple two ancient idols of Lord Neminath stand in meditational posture. On viewing the solemn countenance of the idol, the heart becomes enchanted. In this very temple are installed the ancient foot-images of Dada Jindutt Suri. At the rear of the temple there is a small but beautiful Siddhachakra temple. For the convenience of the Pilgrims, there are huge 'dharmshalas' where thousands can stay at a time. Besides the huge dining hall, there is Mahaveer Kala Mandir outside the temple premises which fascinate the hearts of the visitors. Inspiring and eye-filling collection of magnificent pictures concerning the life of Lord Mahaveer are displayed there.

Nakoda pilgrimage is a center of worship for the masses due to its miraculous peril-preventing power. On remembering Nakoda, the Lord makes the path of life hurdle-free and paved. The common masses maintain that the 'Prasad' (offerings in the form of sweets, fruits etc.) dedicated here should be distributed within the precincts of the pilgrimage. Taking the 'Prasad' elsewhere from the parameter of the pilgrimage is not considered to be proper. Pilgrims start offering oil on the idol of Shri Bhairavji from 11.30 in the morning, which is available at Modi khana near the pedhi. The dadawadi of dada guru Jinkushal suriji is built-up on a small hill near the temple. Pilgrims offers their homage to him by taking darshan of his pagaliyas of dada guru. The look of temple from the top of the hill is very interesting.

Hundreds-thousands of travellers come here daily from every corner of India and maintain partnership in the name of Bhairav even in their business. This is indicative of a unique faith towards Bhairavdev. A big fair is held here on Poush Krishna Dashami, which is the birthday of Lord Parshwanath.

Speciality of Nakoda Temple 

This teerth place was established by Parampujya Shri Sthulibhadra swamiji, and hence it has much importance in Jainism. The ancient idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan is very attractive and full of magical powers. Shri Bhairavji Maharaj, the adhisthayak dev of this teerth place is magically very powerfull and is famous in the world for the amazing. Even if there is no house in his area but it seems like a small city by the flow of pilgrims and visitors who keep on coming here for fulfillment of their wishes.
Location and Transport

Nakoda Parshvanath temple is one of the holy sites for worshippers of the Jain faith. Nakoda is a village 10Km from Balotra in the Barmer District of Indian state of Rajasthan.

By Air :
Nearest airport is Jodhpur 110Km.

By Rail :
Barmer is well connected by train with Jodhpur.
Some important train connections are:
4808 Barmer Express (Barmer - Jodhpur)
4898 Barmer Express (Barmer - Jodhpur)

By Road :
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation connects Barmer with all major cities in the state.

Jain Pilgrimage Tour Of Parshvanath Temple Of Nakoda In India
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