Christian Pilgrimage Tour Of Mt. Mary Church In Mumbai
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Christian Pilgrimage Tour Of Mt. Mary Church In Mumbai

Mt. Mary Church is among the most prominent churches in Mumbai, with devotees flocking here from all faith. Mount Mary Church: It is located in Bandra close to Bandstand and past Hill road. The original chapel of Mount Mary was built around 1640, and was rebuilt in 1761. The Church of Mt. Mary is familiar to almost every citizen of Mumbai, in other words almost everybody in Mumbai have paid his or her visit to Mt. Mary. Local belief is that the original chapel was destroyed during a Maratha raid in the year 1738. Mary Church is famous for the kind rituals that reinforce the power of prayers. The Marathi speaking communities refer Mother Mary as - Math Mauli.

Christian Pilgrimage Tour Of Mt. Mary Church In Mumbai

The statue of the virgin was later recovered from the sea by fishermen and installed in St. Andrews, before being permanently shifted to the rebuilt Mt. Mary. People of all faiths and religions flock this Mount Mary Church in Bandra where the week long fair takes place. One can watch the sun set and the sereneness of the Arabian Sea from this place. Mount Mary Church is one of the most prominent churches in Mumbai, situated on a quiet hillock in suburban Bandra. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the Mother of Christ. In the month of September the festival of the Virgin Mother culminates in a week long Bandra fair. Abuzz with a carnival like excitement, the Bandra fair has stalls selling gooey Goan sweets and wax idols of the Virgin along with an assortment of candles shaped like hands, feet and various other parts of the body. It is the time when the sickly and all those in need for blessings converge with a pious hope that Mother Mary will consider their appeals for help.

The locale of Mt. Mary Church is just as picturesque as it's sacred. One can watch the sunset and calmness that engulfs Arabian Sea from this place. There is another statue of Mary installed outside the Church. People, of genuine faith, lit wax candles before the statue and pray for the welfare of their family.With devotees flocking Mt. Mary Church all round the year, it has gained a special place of faith among the hearts of people from all sects and religion. People strongly believe that Mount Mary fulfils their genuine wishes if prayers are made earnestly and faithfully.

Christian Pilgrimage Tour Of Mt. Mary Church In Mumbai

Cathedral Church of St. Thomas, Mumbai

St. Thomas' Cathedral, the city's first Anglican Church is situated in the heart of the commercial fort area, in Mumbai . The foundation was laid in 1672 during the governorship of Gerald Aungier, and was opened to public on the Chris ômas Day in 1718, and subject to a number of later additions. Though simple in structure, the interior of the Church has some exquisite art adoration. A marble plaque at the front entrance reads: "Let all who enter this church remember Richard Cobbe, chaplain to the Honorable East India Company 1715 to 1719, this church had risen to 15 feet when the building ceased and the site lay desolate for 33 years. It was consecrated in 1816 and became a cathedral in 1837.

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