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About us

Travel India

Travel India is a brain child of ex-hoteliers who come from a service industry and strongly believe in ethics of premium quality service. Travel India is a Delhi based company handled by travel professionals who believe that travel is an art form which requires the same style and careful design of any great masterpiece. A memorable vacation spent with your loved ones reflects the quality time spent together minimizing your concerns and melting away your stress in the luxuries and ambience of the changed location which of course is value to your hard earned money. Every holiday has its character and uniqueness which should fit into the requirements and interests of the vacationers irrespective the vacation destination is internationally renowned or a secluded place.

Travel India is a one stop travel boutique catering to all your travel needs starting from hotels, sightseeing, ground services, airline ticketing, tour escorts and travel insurances. We have a first hand experience in terms of international and domestic travel and cruises which increases our expertise and efficiency in suggesting these products. Presently, we specialize in cruises and customized packages for both our inbound and outbound guests as far as the leisure travel is concerned.

Everyday you will find yourself surrounded by holiday packages waiting to be sold to you but at their conditions …. Now you are not buying a spare part for your car which is the same for all. It is your much awaited holiday that we are talking about. At Travel India, we believe each guest is different from the other and has their own specific requirements and taste hence we specialize in making itineraries as per your needs and not fitting you into the standard packages available. We provide the services and time to assure you a marvelous and tension free vacation.

Keeping in mind the difference in requirements and needs of our inbound and outbound clients, we have come up with two different on line products … and

Travel India (
This website is a total insight about India. It gives detailed information about India for a tourist from any where in the world coming to India. is a travel portal of India guiding the inbound tourist to optimize their time and money in their travel to India. It covers every aspect of Indian tourism starting from cultural treasures to Adventure, Pilgrimage, Wildlife or leisure travel in Incredible India. It gives short recommended itineraries for time bound travelers depicting the best of India in the available time or whole India cultural and adventure tours for the ones wanting to explore India in depth. We also bring you close to those aspects of Indian life and culture … the real, rural and incredible India which are alien to the tourist but amazingly intriguing and interesting to a human exploring a civilization and a vast history. In few words, is an encyclopedia on travel and tourism in Incredible India.

Travel India (
This website is designed keeping in mind the needs of our Indian travelers waiting to explore the world. With the levels of literacy and economy rising in India, we are making our presence felt around the world and there is a boom in the outbound tourism in India. Our tremendous economic growth amongst all the societies in India has introduced a novel concept of traveling abroad not just on business but also leisure as a tourist. This website gives you new destinations, itineraries and packages for countries around the world. We have also given brief information about tourism in India for those friends of ours wanting to explore more of our own country.

Another novel concept of cruising has been touched in depth in this website giving the clients a variety of selections in terms of destination and ship to sail with. Cruising, as a way of holiday is catching up fast in the Indian market now and believe us cruising is like an addiction. It is a hassle free vacation where you have to pack and unpack only once. There is no driving around, looking for the hotel or wondering where you should eat next. A cruise takes you away from it all - traffic, pollution, smog, stress, alarm clocks, ringing telephones and instead transports us into a world which is all about water, sea, sky and landscapes - everything simple that touches us so deeply. A cruise is a romantic experience which has a way of breathing new energy into an old relationship or of setting the stage for a new one. You can cover a number of destinations at one go and Shopping is fun and duty free on a cruise. Cruising pampers you like no other vacation. You can do it all or noting at all. The cruise ships offer a vast series of choices that enable you to pick, choose or pass up as you wish.  A cruise ship is like a floating city with all kinds of games and sports like golf, rock climbing, basketball, surfing and ice skating – all in the middle of the sea, beauty and health facilities for fitness freaks, entertainment and stage show options, restaurants with different views and cuisines for food lovers and of course an Indian Vegetarian / Jain meals in Alaska in the middle of nowhere.

As your travel agent, guide and friend, we assure you that our inputs, experience, thoughts and planning will make your vacations truly wonderful and memorable because your smile is our business.

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