Orissa Tour of Phulbani
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Orissa Tour of Phulbani

Phulbani is also a must visit on an eco tour or tribal tour of Orissa, India. October to June is the best time to tour Phulbani. Easily accessible by rail and road, Phulbani also serves as a base camp to visit the tourist attractions of the nearby areas in the Kandhamal district of Orissa, of which Phulbani is the headquarters.

Orissa Tour of Phulbani

Balaskumpa, near Phulbani is a popular tourist destination for the temple of Goddess Barala Devi whom the tribal and local communities credit with the creation of the world. The Goddess Bhairavee Temple at Puruna Katak, temple of Lord Charisambhu Ananta Vishnu in Charisambhu (Jagati) and the renowned temple of Lord Birupakshya on the river Brutunga in Chakapada are other places near Phulbani that are a must visit during your tour to Phulbani.

Boudh, the once Buddhist center of learning in Orissa, still bears remnants of the past. You can visit Boudh on your tour to Phulbani and see for yourself the statue of Buddha in the Padmanasana pose along with trips to the other temples in the region such as Rameswar Temple, Chandrachula Temple, Gopaljiu Temple, Durga Temple, Matangeswari Temple and Hanuman Temple.

Beside the temple sites, Phulbani also has to offer a lot when it comes to natural scenic spots that are apt for picnics, treks and short excursions. Chakapada is not only famous for the temple of Lord Birupakshya but it is also popular with tourist for its curiously southward slanting trees.

Orissa Tour of Phulbani

The pond in Padmatala is another place near Phulbani that you can visit on your tour to Orissa. It is a great place to sight herds of wild animals, especially during mornings and evenings, which come for a drink and bath in the pond. Belghar is another popular tourist destination for the wildlife enthusiasts like elephants.

Putudi, near Phulbani, is a popular picnic spot for the spectacular waterfall on the river Bada Saluki that is surrounded by dense forests on hill slopes.

Dalringibadi is popularly known as the 'Kashmir of Orissa' is especially a must visit on your tour to Phulbani, Orissa, in the winters when the only region in Orissa receives snowfall. Dalringibadi is also a popular summer resort for the locals for its attractive scenic beauty and panoramic viewpoints. Be the first to discover the unhampered beauty of this hill resort on your tour to Phulbani, Orissa.

Orissa Tour of Phulbani

Tourism of Orissa can also customize tours to Phulbani around festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Phulbani. Some of the prominent festivals of the region include the Car Festival and the many Jatras such as Thakurani Jatra that are unique to the folk culture of Phulbani Orissa.


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