Orissa Tour of Berhampur
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Orissa Tour of Berhampur

Berhampurthe Silk City

Berhampur is a city located in the eastern coastline of India in the state of Orissa. It is one of the biggest cities of Orissa and is famous for trade and commerce. The latest estimate of population of the city is 307,724 (2001 census) making it the third most populous urban area in the state.

Orissa Tour of Berhampur

Berhampur is the primary railhead for the entire southern region of Orissa. It serves as a node for the surrounding districts, so trade is predominant. A majority of the people are self-employed in varied businesses of different scales. Berhampur is well known for its intricately designed silk sarees and handloom cloth and hence is known as the "Silk City". The most important destination in berhampur is Gopalpur sea beach which is located just 10 KM away from berhampur. It is a city of passionate cinegoers, famous for huge cinema theatre complexes. Because of its proximity to the state of Andhra Pradesh, a good proportion of the population is conversant in both Oriya and Telugu languages

Orissa Tour of Berhampur

Indulging in good food is a part of the Berhampur lifestyle. There are a numerous dhabas located in the outskirts of the city, lined along the National Highway 5. There are numerous small eateries located along the length and breadth of the city that serve typical, lip-smacking food for breakfast, which is an interesting mix of the North Indian and South Indian food styles. In the evening people like to enjoy fast foods like soup, chowmine, & famous Rolls. Some of the things that one would like to try would be the famous "Chicken Pakoras" of Girija restaurant which is located in the heart of the city (on Girija Square). One could also try its Chicken Kurma and of course the Caramel Pudding. If its summer, one should try the "Local Lassi" from any of the stalls/small shops along the main roads. Personal means of transport include bicycles, two wheelers and cars. Paid means include rickshaws, matador minivans, trekkers and private buses. People generally stay in independent houses. Lately, several multi-storied apartment complexes are mushrooming up in the city.

Thinking of people is similar to the lifestyle of Mumbai as both Mumbai & Berhampur lie approx. in the same latitude. Its is one of the most developed cities in Orissa as most of the people are educated and Technology is a prime attraction here. You will be able to locate internet cafes, Video game parlours almost everywhere.Currently high rise buildings and apartments are becoming common.

Orissa Tour of Berhampur

Gopalpur-on-Sea: This sleepy resort in Ganjam district with its deep sea was once an ancient sea port. It is 16 kms from Berhampur having all sorts of touristic facilities.

Jaugarh, 35 km from Berhampur, is famous for Ashokan Rock Edicts and other arachaeological remains.
How to get there: Berhampur is a major railhead on the S.E. Railway & N.H. No.5 passes through the city.
Also known for a good scociety and friendly people. With a mix of Telegu and Oriya cultures and a cool place to live in.

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