Orissa Tour of Baripada
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Orissa Tour of Baripada

Baripada : The main attraction of Baripada, district headquarters of Mayurbhanj, is Rathayatra, placed next to Puri. A colourful Chhau dance festival is held with traditional gaity during 3 days starting from Chaitra Sankranti (middle of April). Various arrangements are there for staying in Bari­pada.

Orissa Tour of Baripada

There is a connecting road from Baripada to Simlipal. Advance booking for Forest Rest House is also centred in Baripada. Buses reaching Baripada in 6 hrs leaving Babughat, Calcutta at 16-00,16-30 & 18-00 hr. Another 6 buses also ply from Calcutta to 253 km distant Baripada. But it is more convenient to reach Balasore by Dhouli Exp or East Coast Exp and then to Baripada (51 km) by Non-Stop/ Exp bus in \ hr. There are frequent bus services from 4-45 to 23-20 hr to Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack from Baripada. Buses ply to Digha (simanta) via Chan-daneswar at an interval of | hr. Buses leaving for Calcutta at 5-00, 5-15, 5-30, 9-30, 13-00, 22-00, 23-00 hr. Another 3 buses coming from far distant ply via Baripada. The distance of Baripada from Chahala (83 km), Nowana (60), Barehipani (73), Jeranda (64), Gurguria (102), Genabil (86), Upperbada-kamra (105), Meghasani 116, Bhanjabasa (120) & Dudhruchampa (64) in Simlipal forest

Orissa Tour of Baripada

Places to visit
Similipal Sanctuary and National Park, Similipal

About 2,750 sq. km in area, in the Mayurbhanj district, is one of the most important wildlife parks not only in Orissa but also in India. Specially chosen to be one of the Tiger Reserves identified by Project Tiger to handle the onerous task of conserving India's fast depleting tiger population, Similipal has over 95 tigers within its bounds. Leopards, elephants, mugger crocodiles and numerous reptiles abound here. Over 230 species of birds have made their home amongst its forests and waterways. Apart from the wonderful wildlife, tourists get an excellent bonus of lush valleys and forest lands. The Barehipani Waterfall (399 mtrs) and the Joranda fall (150 mtrs) are well worth a visit as is the mugger crocodiles at Jashipur, one of the two entry points to Similipal. The other one is Lulung, fully equipped with a Forest Lodge of Orissa Tourism.
Orissa Tour of Baripada


The ancient capital of the Bhanja rulers, Khiching lies about 205 km away from Balasore and 150 km from Baripada. Scores of temples dominate the place, some of which are still in active worship. The predominant deity of Khiching is Kichakeswari, the most sacred Goddess of the Mayurbhanj chiefs. The temple dedicated to Her is built entirely of chlorite slabs and unique of its kind in India. The sculptures are beautiful. The small museum here boasts of highly important historical specimens of sculpture and art.

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