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Maharashtra Tour
Maharashtra Tour Maharashtra Tour
Maharashtra Tour

Maharashtra is located in the northern center of Indian peninsular
. It is encircled by the Arabian sea in the west and by Gujarat in the north. Madhya Pradesh surrounds Maharashtra from the northern and the eastern side whereas Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh lie to its south. Travel to this colorful land with numerous mountains, forts, beaches and caves. The state also has many temples that are sculpted into and out of basalt rock.

With diverse culture and traditions the state of Maharshtra is also keeping in pace with modernity. The state is known for its exciting festivals celebrated throughout year like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi and Gudhi Parva, etc. The government of Maharashtra also organizes many fairs and festivals to attract tourists. Some of these are Pune festival, Ellora festival, Kalidas festival and Elephanta festival. Apart from these, the state is also renowned for its white shimmering beaches which are a visitor's delight. Thus, the vibrancy and the color of this beautiful land attracts many tourists form all over the world. Definitely, a must visit land.

According to a 7th century inscription the state's name 'Maharashtra', was discovered. It is also mentioned in a Chinese traveler's account. The name is said to be originated from rathi, which means, "chariot driver". Once Maharashtra was full of builders and drivers of chariots who formed a maharathis, a "fighting force". Junnar, thirty miles north of Pune was established as the capital in 90 A.D by king Vedishri. In the early fourteenth century the Devgiri Yadavs were defeated by the northern Muslim powers. For the next 900 years, no historical information about this region is available. After the Mughals conquered India, the first Mughal king, Babur established his capital in Delhi in the year 1526. The Mughals then started expanding their power to the southern India and further dominated India till the early eighteenth century.

Shivaji Bhosle later known as Chattrapati Shivaji was the founder of the Maratha Empire. He was born in 1627 and at the age of sixteen Shivaji started his lifelong struggle against Mughals and other Muslim powers. He was determined to free his land at the fort Torna. Later, he conquered almost the entire Deccan by the year 1680, also the year of his death. He had developed an efficient administration and a powerful army. He also infused a spirit of independence among the Marathas, with which they fought and defeated the external powers for almost 150 years. He was very much respected by the people of Maharashtra and therefore was called Chattrapati Shivaji. Shivaji's freedom struggle and achievements are considered spectacular and are respected by providing the highest place in Maratha history.

Maharashtra has a 720 km long stretch of coastline
. The beautiful Arabian Sea washes the land of Maharashtra. It is a perfect amalgamation of sun, sand and surf. The state has many lovely beaches along with a good number of seaside and beach resorts. One of the major features of the beaches of Maharashtra is that they are quite safe, ideal family beach sites. There are many historical forts near these beaches that mark the history of Maharashtra. Thus, the beaches of Maharashtra are a must visit.

Rich in natural beauty, Maharashtra is a paradise for nature lovers. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife parks within the state, having a wide range of vegetation. Wildlife parks are the home to a number of animals and birds including Tiger, Crocodile, Bison, Gawa, Neelgai, Wild deer, Sambar and rare migratory birds.

These wildlife parks are equipped with jeep rides
, night safaris, comfortable accommodation and efficient transport. They offer an outstanding opportunity to view animals in their natural habitat. Apart from the existing wildlife sanctuaries, steps are taken by the state government to set up many new sanctuaries and parks.

Maharashtra is an ancient land with rich culture and traditions
. This state has many famous temples that are visited by innumerable devotees every year. Maharashtra also owns two of the ancient rock cut temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. These famous temples are the Elephanta Cave Temple and the Kailashanatha Temple at Ellora.

Famous Lord Ganesha is the most respected and worshiped gods in Maharashtra. There are eight shrines dedicated to him, which are located around Pune. These shrines are collectively known as the Ashta Vinayak temples. The Mahalakshmi temples at Kolhapur and Mumbai are also famous. The city of Nashik in Maharashtra is a renowned Hindu pilgrimage center, where many famous temples are located like the Kalaram Temple, Kapaleshwar temple, Muktidham Temple etc.

Maharashtra Tour
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