Kerela Tour at Bekal
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Kerela Tour at Bekal

Introduction :- Situated in Kasaragod, the northern most district of Kerala, Bekal is on the threshold of becoming a major tourist destination in Kerala, promoted by tourism department of Kerala. Bekal is often referred to as a health resort that specialises in the rejuvenation of the mind and the body,top on the charts of Kerala tourism.

Kerela Tour at Bekal

Places of Interest :-

Bekal Fort:- The fort at Bekal that has withstood the ravages of time for 300 years, is of great historical value. It is one of the largest and relatively well preserved fort in Karela. But the ancient fort is wrapped in controversy over who constructed it.   

According to the South Kannada Manual, it was built by Sivappa Nayaka of the Ikkeri Dynasty in 1650. But some scholars are of the opinion that the fort was the handiwork of the Kolathiris. The fort came under the possession of Haider Ali, the illustrious ruler of Mysore in 1763. Finally it was the English East India Company who captured it in 1799.

Kerela Tour at Bekal

The Fort Attraction :- Standing on a 35-acre headland that merges into the Arabian Sea, the fort is an imposing circular structure of laterite soaring over 130ft above sea level. The observation tower of the fort offers a bird’s eye view of the unspoiled beach and the vast expanse of sea stretching into the far horizon.

A temple devoted to Hanuman (the monkey-god) is situated at the entrance of the Bekal Fort. An old mosque believed to have been built by Tipu Sultan, the famous ruler of Mysore, is also worth mentioning.

Kodi Cliffs
Wedged between the Kappil Beach and the Chandragiri Fort in Karela, the towering cliffs offer an excellent view of the dazzling riot of colours during sunset.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park
A paradise for water sport enthusiasts, this park is unique in northern Kerala. Facilities like pedal boats and water cycles are a great source of entertainment for visitors.


Distance : 6km from the Bekal Fort lie the Kappil Beach: in all its pristine beauty. This little known and secluded beach is fast emerging as a tourist’s delight. Presenting a panoramic view of the magnificent Bekal Fort, the shallow Pallikere Beach attracts quite a number of tourists. Ample recreational facilities are available out here.

Kanwatheertha Beach : is situated 3km from Manjeswaram. The speciality of the place is the swimming pool-like formation of the sea on the vast, unsullied beach.

Kerela Tour at Bekal

How to Reach Bekal Fort Beach

By Air
Nearest airport is at Mangalore at a distance of 50 kilometers from Kasargod.

By Rail
Nearest railway station is at Kasargod.

By Road
Easily accessible by a wide network of roadways, linking it with major towns and cities of Kerala.

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