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Trekking Tour

If your answer to that question was an unequivocal "Go trekking!", then this section's for you. Dedicated to the inimitable task of hauling on heavy-duty shoes and heavier backpacks, of striking out into the great wild outdoors- of going trekking. Hiking, walking the wilds, call it what you will, trekking is the best way to see the world. If you really want to get a feel of the earth; if you really want to walk through the forests and feel the breeze on your face; trudge through unspoilt territory and explore for yourself- go trekking
India is home to the Himalaya, the "abode of snows". It is well known in every corner of the world as the homeland of some of the highest mountains peaks of the world. It offers a great concentration of high snow capped mountains. Apart from enjoying the amazing beauty of these peaks, you will have the opportunities to climb some of these peaks. A trek in India is a special and rewarding mountain holiday.

So, it's of no coincidence that India is a spectacular adventure destination especially among the trekkers. No mountain lover can resist the temptation of having a trek in the verdant slopes of Himalayas. Trekking in India will take you through a country that has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explorers for a long time. You will come in close contact with the culture of the people residing in the remote villages.

The concept of adventure sports in India came into vogue after the development of the various Hill stations all over India by the British. These hill stations served the base from where treks were undertaken. After that with the introduction of the base camp it became easy for the adventurers to explore the neighboring areas on their own. This resulted in the growing number of professional. Today, trekking is resorted to by many people.

While anyone can take low altitude trekking and nature walks, high-altitude trekking like the mountaineering and climbing can be undertaken by only those who is not suffering from high/low blood pressure or obesity. Anyone, who is physically fit and mentally sound and is between the age group of 16 and 60, can participate in this adventure sport.

Trekking during the monsoons should be avoided by the amateur trekkers. Low altitude trekking can be undertaken during the months of February/March and April/May is best suited for high-altitude trekking in the Himalayas. If you want enjoy trekking in South India, then proceed towards the Western Ghats from December to April. The weather is clear and scenic beauty of this region is heart soothing.

Following guidelines will prove to be helpful in planning your trekking holiday in India:

- Your budget and climate must be taken into account while decide upon the number of days of your expedition.
- Consider the level of difficulty and your level of physical fitness
- Undertake nature walks or high-altitude trekking depending on what is suited to you.
- Get ready for every bit of increase in altitude
- Learn how to deal with high-altitude sickness or high-altitude madness
- Plan your holiday with ample time for altitude acclimatization.
- Carry the necessary medicines
- Get the medical fitness tests done before hand
- Protect yourself from snow blindness, frostbiting, and sun burning during the expedition
- Gain correct training for handling mountaineering equipment
- Follow the instructions completely and seek permission to enter sensitive areas in advance.

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